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27 evidence-based workouts.
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Specific to each trimester of pregnancy.
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“I love this. Super accessible, the exercises are really clear and I like the attention to safety for prenatal, postnatal and for my kids. Thanks – now I can take better care of myself in the safety of my home.”

Hi, I'm Claire. I thought I knew what it was like to work out while pregnant, because I was a prenatal fitness trainer for so many years.

And then, I got pregnant.

The exhaustion.
The injuries.
The soreness.
The out-of-breath feeling.
The back pain.

I came to know it in a whole new way!

This incredibly valuable, in-depth fitness guide was developed by me, as a longtime 1-on-1 fitness trainer to women who are pregnant, and new moms. And a new mom myself!

It's loaded with everything you'll ever need to know to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy.

I'm so proud to share this work with the thousands of people who have used my evidence-based approach to fitness during this unique time in your life!

Mama, I made this for you.

Here's to a healthier pregnancy, and an easier recovery.

You deserve this!

Put your body and your baby first!

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